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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get rid of the geezers!

That was just poor, time to rant.

It is not fair to pin all of Canada's recent ODI struggles on one man, but it is also impossible to ignore the typical odd manner in which the CCA's selection committee chooses the players for the side. I have tried to be patient, to not overly criticize them for the job they do, but this is the final straw.

When they named 40-year-old former West Indies bowler Anderson Cummins to the squad, eyebrows were raised. I tried to calm the other people I spoke with, hoping that they would be using him more like an additional coach than as a featured bowler - I couldn't have been more wrong. Cummins has become - for some reason - a fixture in the Canadian XI on their current African tour. He has taken a place in the lineup that could have been held by a much younger man, perhaps Austin Codrington, and has done nothing to deserve it. Some would blame the captain, or the coach, but it is already well-known that it is the selectors who choose the team for Canada.

What has the great Cummins done since his insertion? He has played in 4 matches. He has batted three times.......and scored a grand total of 1 run. Oh that's alright, he's not supposed to score, he's a gun bowler and that's where he wil make his contribution. Oops, not that either- 3 wickets at an average of 61.00, with an economy of 6.54 runs/over.

Not good enough.

Now I don't blame the man himself - if I were to get selected for a trip to Africa I would take it too. The blame rests on the selectors whose knowledge of cricket seems to be limited to a time ending about 10 years ago. There are other similar choices made - such as Desmond Chumney's 20.47 batting average being preferred to Don Maxwell's 37.25. I do not understand why Canada continues to handicap itself and not field it's best possible team...

All this having been said, it still would have been very difficult for Canada to beat the Netherlands on this day. Ryan ten Doeschate is a spectacular player with bat and ball, and his supporting cast makes them a formidable team on any day. My problem is with the fact that Canada does not give itself the best chance possible to win by playing players for political reasons rather than purely 'cricket' reasons as they should.

....well, that feels better. Let's go beat Scotland tonight!


  • Hear, hear!
    You are, of course, right about Cummins. But why Sunil Dhaniram did not bowl against the Netherlands is also a question mark. I hope Eddie Norfolk can shed some light on the reasoning behind these decisions.

    By Anonymous ray, at 12:56 p.m.  

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