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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Canada v Argentina LIVE SCORES

I will be continuing the LIVE scores from all Canada's matches at the ICC Americas Championships on Friday when Canada take on Argentina. My coverage is moving again, this time to Cricket Europe. The good people there have offered me the use of their scoring and commentary software which will make it easier for me and will get more information across. Just click the link and find the box in the corner with the Canada score, and click the link there.

Argentina are coming off some solid batting performances, and have to be reasonably satisfied with their performances so far. Canada, on the other hand, have to be disappointed with their recent one-day results having lost all the matches in their home season so far. This is the best chance Canada have to actually win one, as their final match of this tournament is Saturday against a USA team that has looked very good.

The weather doesn't look the greatest, as there are showers forecast on and off throughout the day. Hopefully they hold off though and we can at least get a reasonable amount of play in. Play begins at 10:30 EDT - I'll see you there.


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